Why Quit Your Internet Business After Just 90 Days?

What a strange title for an article. I thought I needed to write this short article for the people who believe that they can not build a business online. I am here to tell you that is the farthest thing from the truth. What you need is just to take a deep breath, sit down in a quite area and think. Think about the reason you wanted to go into business. What was your why? Meaning what drove you to take the time, search the internet, looking at all those different business offers that said they could make you a six figure earner, pay your money and end up here at this point?

Now it is 90 days later, you have not made a dime and you want to throw away that investment. Are you crazy or have you just lost your mind? There are 25 year old kids on the internet that have become millionaires. If they can do it, so can you. So let us take a moment to analyze this situation. What is the difference between you and them? What made them successful and you want to quit after 90 days?

Could it be that your why, meaning your reason for getting into business was not large enough to keep you through the hard times? Possible no one told you that your why has to be big enough that you would die for it. For some people their why is the dream of putting their kids through college, so they can have a better life than they had. Some want to buy there single mother, who struggle to raise them, a house. You got the picture? Now maybe you need to sit down get that pen and paper and start over.

So you have your Why. This becomes your Dream or vision for the future. You need to put a date and time on it. Meaning in five years I want to accumulate $100,000 dollars. Now that you established that, you have to break down into small goals, one year, even to one month. Do not worry, the how will come if this is your true goal that you wish to achieve.

Next step after getting your goals set is to go over what made you chose the business that you chose. Was it the product, the commission plan or the fact that you have seen what the top earners in the company are making annually? Well you cam do the same thing. Start by calling them and asking them how they did. Most top earners are secure in what they have accomplished and have no problem with sharing how they did it because there success came from them modeling another successful person.

Most important is to establish your marketing plan. It is suggested that you set up a blog. This is your home on the internet and gives you a great opportunity to brand yourself. After setting it up you need to find ways of getting traffic to it. This could come in the form of Video marketing, Article marketing, solo ads, Viral marketing, etc. There is away of exploding your business on the internet: http://millionairesinaction.info