How to Work on Your Business After 12 Hours at the Day Gig!

One of the bigger challenges my part time solopreneur clients experience is making the time for their business “passion.” It’s no secret that these days that the workplace almost doubles as your home. The hours are becoming, and often feel, brutal. Some business meetings can start as early as 6:30 or 7am and the departure time can vary from 6-8pm!

If your obligations involve children or family to care for after work that means your “work day” can extend well into the evening! And so clients will say, “How can I begin to do something on or in my business at 9 or 10pm and make an impact?” They’re tired and burned, out both physically and mentally.

I understand because I’ve been there! I had to find time after a 12 to 14 hour work day to do “something” to move my business forward. It could be very frustrating. Sometimes I didn’t know what to do, sometimes I’d do the less important stuff, or I’d just plain run out of time! So since this is about truth and I believe in “full disclosure”, I won’t kid you or my clients. I won’t say it’s ok, we’ll figure out how to write a web page, newsletter, tweet, blog post or article in 10 minutes or less and you’ll attract an amazing number of clients – just like that! Sorry, it just doesn’t happen like that! It will take some creative planning and unique approaches.

Let’s begin with three strategies for how you can maximize the minimal time you have as a part-time (or full-time) solopreneur!

Strategy #1: Make a plan for the week…

What are the few, but important things you need to get done this week? Perhaps you want to “tweet” a tip or new program or service you have. Prepare seven short, high content messages or tweets to share with your followers. Once you’ve prepared these short messages, you can either post one daily or use to set them up to be delivered automatically. You can reuse these messages as valuable information you provide to your online networks so that they’re learning more about who you are and what you offer!

Strategy #2: Use your calendar effectively

At the start of the month, identify the key marketing activities you want to accomplish. This could include your newsletter, email campaign, teleseminar, webinar, direct mail or a list building activity. Decide on 2 or 3 max that you want to accomplish within the month. Then begin to line up the daily activities on your calendar. Again focus on 1 – 2 per day that you can easily accomplish. By scheduling your action this way, you feel good that you’re accomplishing something and you don’t overwhelm yourself or lose your sanity!

Strategy #3: Got a timer?

Remember the old egg timers your parents may have used to boil eggs? Well, believe it or not, they’re back! Well, for your business, not breakfast! Yes, you can actually use a timer to help you manage your time, effectively. Let me give you an example of how this could work for you.

Say you want to do some research about what your client’s wants and needs are. You’ve found a group where they post questions, share experiences and participate as a community. Great find, right? (They do exist by the way!) So you want to spend time reading, absorbing and even responding in the groups’ forum. But you don’t have all night to do so.

Solution? Set the timer! Commit to 30 or 45 minutes of focused activity in the forum. Using the timer helps to keep you on your time track and psychologically helps you to zero in on the valuable vs. the trivial.

My coach’s request is that you take one of these tips and implement it before the end of this week. I know that given the time challenges you’re likely experiencing, using just one of these strategies can give you great results!

I’d really enjoy hearing how these strategies have helped, so tell me about your success, ok?