How Many of You Know How to Start a Business After Leaving University?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many people that managed to start their own business just after leaving university, unless they had rich parents and really good support from experts to guide them along. When I finished my further education in Company Administration I was totally lost as far as where to start to put a business plan together. I was born in Brazil and I had to work during the day and study in the evenings. It was a 4 year course, with classes on Saturdays as well. I started studying Accountancy, but I just couldn’t stand dealing with numbers all the time. I have more of an artistic and creative side to me, and numbers would just bore me to death, as you might say!

I remember having my boyfriend, which was very good with numbers, teaching me all the math exercises. So, I decided that course wasn’t for me. It was then I heard some of my friends suggesting to change courses, and I decided to take Company Administration instead. My father had a small business manufacturing clothes, lingerie, sports wear, etc. But, when financial crises reached Brazil in the late eighties, my father struggled to keep going with his business and the inevitable happened, he had to close his business down and the whole family was in debt with the big bankers. Anyway, this happened after I finished my further education.

So, continuing on the subject of studying, I started to enjoy a lot more the subjects in this course. They ranged from administration, history, some accountancy, marketing, and I could be a lot more creative around these subjects.

Still, when I finished my further education after 4 years, did not know what I could do, or what business to start. I had been working as a bilingual PA for a German company, so I decided to teach English for children for a while. But, this didn’t last long as you have to advertise, get good contacts, and I didn’t have financial support to do that.

Well, then you start to go back to that nine to five job situation trying to build some capital and hopping in the future you will be able to have your own business.

Now, I have been leaving in England for 15 years as I married and English man. Started again working for companies, schools and then eventually I had the opportunity to start a simple business from home. We were living in a medium size house, semi-detached, and we had 2 spare double bedrooms. So, I ask my husband if he would agreed that I rented this 2 bedrooms out as a bed and breakfast. He then agreed and I prepared the rooms, website and other administration involved and so I started my own little business.

We used to live in a very picturesque village near Stansted Airport, so I was quite busy from April to October. I also combined the bed & breakfast with English classes for foreigners.

Although it was hard work, a lot of cleaning and attention to people, it was great, I was getting more and more customers, and more people in the village knew I was doing this business. I work with the Bed & Breakfast business for 2 years.

But, my husband started to struggle a bit with work, and the mortgage payments of our house, and we then decided to sale our place. This was in August 2007, just before the big financial crunch.
It was just before this credit crunch started, and fortunately we still got a good price for our house. Then we moved to a very simple 2 bed place.

Both, my husband and I, are always looking for opportunities to start our own business, from home, not having to employ people, so no overheads, no premises, very little outgoings. And honestly, we have tried a few business, and lost money, like the example of a very flashy betting system business, that comes with a great software and this system that guarantees you make money in very short time. Yes, I made money, but than I lost it all again… as betting is like having money in shares, you need to know when to stop, take your money and run. Well, then another entrepreneur came through our door with our mail. This time it sounded more professional and more realistic.

So, my husband and I decided to meet this Millionaire entrepreneur, and we started to follow the system he thought step by step. We could watch his videos from our home, learn at our own pace, and after a few days we have put together an internet business.

And I said to my husband, after leaving University, I had no clue where to start, how to register a company, where to advertise, or even what we could offer to the public. So my point is, that, we spend a lot of time and money given to Universities, and you are still not prepared enough to put a business plan together. And another point is, none of my teachers were rich or millionaires, or had their own business, as most of them were working for companies, and teaching in the evenings. So, how can they tell me success stories?

With more and more people travelling to go to work, our roads are getting congested, schools and training is becoming more expensive, so information products are certainly a great way to go for the future. Is great to learn, it is important to study and invest in yourself, be informed of the latest products and technology on the market. Learning from home makes it easy, fun, and you can even invite your friends and family to take part in it.

When you come across a business opportunity like this one, and is something for everyone that has an interest in having their own business from home, without having to struggle to find out what to do next, you shouldn’t miss this.

Reopening Your Business After Bankruptcy

Reopening a business after bankruptcy is tricky, but not impossible. While it may present some challenges, there are some easy steps you can take to ensure that your business continues on the right path and bankruptcy does not keep you from living your dreams.

With a budget, corporate clothing, and a wonderful customer base, you can ensure that attempt at reopening your business is a success.

Tips For a Successful New Start For Your Business

Bankruptcy presents many challenges for reopening a business. It will be difficult to obtain loans. Many lenders are hesitant about lending money to businesses that have a history of bankruptcy. Investors will be wary as well. If you do manage to obtain a loan, you must be ready for the possibility of high interest rates and requirements for personal collateral.

Even with all of the financial difficulty, it is still possible to reopen your business. If you want create a prosperous and fruitful new start for your company, consider the following tips.

  • Stick To a Plan – Create a plan for your business and make sure you stick to it. If your bankruptcy requires you to make payments, be sure to make them on time and in full. Your plan should also include your long-term and short-term goals financially. Also, allow for unexpected expenses in your budget for those times when your low credit doesn’t allow you to obtain the loan you need.
  • Pay Your Bills – According to the Small Business Online Community, paying your bills on time each month is the key to rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy. Some companies report your payment history, whether it is good or bad, to credit bureaus. If you continually pay your bills on time, you will rebuild trust with your creditors.
  • Apply For Secured Credit Cards – Secured credit cards come with high fees, but they can be very advantageous when you are reopening your business after bankruptcy. If you build your balance and make your payments, you will slowly build your credit so you can eventually obtain unsecured business credit. This is an essential part of obtaining a fresh start after bankruptcy.
  • Re-brand Your Business – While the financial aspects of reopening your business may be first on your mind, you should also consider re-branding your business. Use this fresh start as a way to show off your company in a new light. One simple way of doing this is by providing corporate clothing for your employees. This will not only show your customers you are back and better than ever, but corporate clothing will also help to build your customer’s confidence in your brand and in your employees.
  • Reward Your Loyal Customers – There will be certain customers that stick by you, despite your financial troubles. Don’t forget them as you make strides to locate new customers and rebuild your brand. Show them how much you appreciate their loyalty by providing them with discounts or, if you can afford it, small tokens of appreciation.

It can be difficult to reopen your business after bankruptcy, but with the right budget, new corporate clothing, and a few loyal customers, you will have no trouble at all getting your business back on the track of success.

Why Not Start A Business After You Retire?

Starting a business after retirement can be very rewarding both financially and personally but making wrong decisions can ruin you financially – and perhaps health and relationship-wise.

How old is too old to start a business? If you are willing and able to do the kind of work you are planning – there is no age limit. Think of Col. Sanders. Wasn’t he 70 or something when he finally sold his first chicken recipe?

Before you jump in – ask yourself these questions:

Why do I want to start a business after I retire?

Is it for extra income? Stave off boredom? Get out of the house? Or perhaps you want to turn a hobby into a revenue source. Or maybe you don’t care about the money at all, you just want something to do. To contribute.

What kind of business am I thinking about?

Have you thought of what kind of business you want to do? Something in mind? Or you just know you want to “do something”? The possibilities are unlimited.

Do I have loan-free money do start a business?

Is this money you could afford to lose? It is the last thing you want to do to spend your nest egg on some business venture that might fail. Or perhaps you have no or little money. So you are looking for something productive you can start with a low entry price.

Do I have a business plan?

It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just the basics. A rough draft. Does it make sense? Is there a lot of competition? A business plan is absolutely needed if you seek funding, even if you are self-funded it is a good idea to create one. Just to get a birds eye view.

Am I really an entrepreneur?

Does it scare you to launch a business? If you haven’t been in any entrepreneur jobs in your career you need to take a close look at what it means to start a business. The key secret here is passion. If you are passionate about the new venture – the rest will fall into place.

Could another ‘Real Job” fit me better?

You might want to consider getting another job, full or part time. In your old line of work, or something entirely new. Thus avoiding all the “non-job” stuff you have to face when self-employed.

I know, many of you are ready to jump into this because you are passionate about your idea. My best advice to you is to calm down. Think about it. Run it by someone impartial.

Then think about it some more. Then DO IT. Let’s put it this way: when you are 60 you might have 4,000 days left in your life. How do you want to live them? Don’t forget – you must enjoy doing whatever you are doing.